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About Us

Founded in 2016 by three budding entrepreneurs in a Starbucks cafe, 101Jewels has evolved to be India's No.1 online controlled, multi seller-brand, focused global marketplace for fashion jewellery and accessories.

Our vision is to create the world’s largest fashion jewellery and accessories marketplace, transforming the lifestyle scenario in India & across the globe focusing on choice, quality and user experience. If you are thinking 1000 options to choose from for adorning around your neckline or on your fingers, we are thinking a 100,000 options or maybe even a Million Options. The way we are going, we will be there quickly.

We are not hungry to be an another etsy or eBay : we simply want to deliver god awesome jewellery options. That’s why one of the founders personally visits each and every seller, assesses their offerings and then painstakingly handholds them to bring to you the unique spread.


If there is a particular option that you feel is missing and you love it, do write to us on findme@101jewels.com and we shall be happy to bring it on our website for U.